Chatting With Monks and the Best Night Market In Asia

The temples in Chiang Mai are maintained by monks who live, study, and pray there.  They are generally very intellectual people and many study English concurrently with their study of religion and philosophy.  It is also known that the monks are approachable and enthusiastic about practicing their English with foreigners. Jessica and I walked to […]

Thai Cooking and Elephants

A couple weeks prior to our arrival, I had made arrangements to take a cooking class at the Thai Farm Cooking School.  A number of people who had spent time in Chiang Mai recommended taking a cooking class and this one had a good reputation.  We were picked up from our hotel by a driver […]

Travel Blogging Demystified

Prior to The First Retirement, I had never blogged but have since become intrigued by travel bloggers who seemingly make a living doing so.  Several months ago I began to investigate how people are able to travel and get paid to do it.  What did I discover?  Travel writing/blogging is just like any other business […]

In Chiang Mai Waiting for Jessica…But No Jessica

Chiang Mai is a medium-sized city of about 100,000 in the central north of Thailand.  It is known as a center of culture and religion, home to several hundred temples and places of worship many of which are over 500 years old.  It’s also home to several universities — kids and monks travel from all […]